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Wondering if you should build the new house of your dreams? Or would it be financially smarter to purchase a home that is already built? Lexington Appraisals has worked closely with a long list of contractors, banks, lenders, and homeowners over the years to assure they have the information they need to decide the answer to these questions.

Over the years, Lexington Appraisals has distinguished itself as one of metro Atlanta’s leading providers of appraisals for residential building construction. We are deeply aware of the detail, skill, and attention necessary to properly value these type of properties before they are built. We also ensure complete discretion and are sensitive to the needs and privacy of those who plan on residing in these homes.

Home mortgages are often the largest loan an individual has. Our clients naturally want to know if the house they want to build will be worth as much as what they plan on spending constructing it — before they even break ground. Knowing this in advance can save individuals from overextending their resources.

Constructing a new home is nerve-racking enough, so there’s no reason to feel hesitation about if your proposed home will be worth as much as what it will cost to build.  Lexington Appraisals will be happy to explain the pre-construction appraisal process up front, as well as speak with your builder.  When the report is finished, we’ll also personally go over it with you to answer any questions you might have.

Contractors, builders, banks, and lenders in the metro Atlanta area have come to rely on Lexington Appraisals to provide them with the information needed to make sound, informed decisions. All of our appraisals will be completed in agreement of the USPAP guidelinesWe welcome the opportunity to work with you as well.

Give us a call today for your complimentary consultation and detailed quote. Lexington Appraisals has the experience and qualification to meet all your appraisals needs.