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You may be thinking of selling your own home, but pricing it does not come easy. Pricing your home to sell can be a difficult task. Sometime owners give realtors, brokers, or agents the power to decide on the price of their property. This move can be disadvantageous as these agents are not appraisers. They may feel their real estate knowledge gives them an eye for valuing property, but their appraisals are usually very inaccurate. Computer-generated appraisals, used by some agents, gather average home sales and listings in your area to indicate the price and may not be helpful either.

The professional FSBO appraisers at Lexington Appraisals do not pull valuations from listings and other records for physical property information. An accurate appraisal involves deep analysis to get the estimated current market value of your property. While the appraiser considers prior sales, prior expired sales, and current listings, as well as trends in current market, your certified appraiser will conduct a thorough examination of the interior and exterior of your home to assess a value unique to your property. If a home is for sale by owner, the appraisal is even more crucial step in preparing to list.

Many homeowners believe that the appraisal is the buyer’s responsibility and only benefits them. Nothing could be further from the truth. An appraisal gives you the most leverage in the negotiation process before the contract is signed.

A reliable FSBO appraisal by a Lexington Appraisals provides you with a wellspring of knowledge that will make the sale of your home much easier.

An appraiser is a third-party agent who doesn’t have any vested interest in the market value of your property. Lexington Appraisals is hired to identify the value when you are selling your own home to avoid bias. While you want to get the most money out of selling your home yourself, buyers want to get the property at the lowest possible price. So, when setting a valuation, both parties will lean toward their own personal goals.

Our appraisers have the capacity to evaluate the estimated market value through a thorough assessment–regardless of whether the results will lean more in your favor or that of the buyer. The value given by an our appraisers will empower you when listing, as it will give you confidence in your asking price.

There are a number of real estate appraisal companies today, each serving a specific niche and specializing in a certain area. At Lexington Appraisals, we’ve been serving the local community for nearly twenty years. Our appraisal team has years of first-hand experience handling for sale by owner appraisals. All of our appraisals will be completed in agreement of the USPAP guidelines. All of our appraisers are knowledgeable of the local market because we live and work here, just like you.

Helping homeowners is our specialty. Give Lexington Appraisals a call now to let an appraiser find the true value of your home.