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Together with your attorney, Lexington Appraisals can advise you of the best course of action based on a verifiable analysis of your home’s value.



Our property appraisers have experience since 2001 with the latest property appraisal knowledge, trends, and tools to provide you with comprehensive commercial appraisals delivered quickly and accurately.


Lexington Appraisals specializes in the equitable dissolution of marital assets, and will help you navigate through this process in the most efficient manner possible.

Estate & Date of Death

When emotions are high and there are time-sensitive concerns, the team of professional experts from Lexington Appraisals will guide you through the process ahead and make the transition smoother.

Expert Witness

The professionals at Lexington Appraisals are experienced in the art of giving credible valuation testimony.

Financial Planning & Trust

Lexington Appraisals is experienced in determining appraisals for both single properties and multiple properties within a portfolio, with a complete knowledge of all the required processes.

For Sale by owner

An expert FSBO appraisal from Lexington Appraisals will help you determine a true list price for your property, as well as maximize your chances of selling quickly for top dollar.

Home measuring

At Lexington Appraisals, we can create high-quality floor plans with accurate measurements that will enhance your real estate presentation.


Lexington Appraisals has certified immigration professionals who will work with you to determine the possible solutions to evaluate your property at the highest value, so you can meet the DHS requirements and standards.


Lexington Appraisals is metro Atlanta’s top choice for land appraisals. We have the qualifications and experience necessary to meet your land appraisal needs.

pmi removal

As a trusted Georgia home appraiser since 2001, Lexington Appraisals will provide you with the service, details, and speedy home appraisal reports many of our customers have come to expect.


Contractors, builders, banks, and lenders in the metro Atlanta area have come to rely on Lexington Appraisals to provide them with the information needed to make sound, informed decisions for their pre-construction plans.


A pre-contract appraisal from Lexington Appraisals allows a potential buyer to become an informed buyer. When it comes to investing in your future, we help you make the smartest decisions.


Lexington Appraisals provides an accurate, substantive listing appraisal service for homeowners and realtors in the metro Atlanta area.


Together with your attorney, Lexington Appraisals can advise you of the best course of action based on a verifiable analysis of your home’s value.


By obtaining the services of Lexington Appraisals for a pre-purchase appraisal, both the buyer and seller become more informed about the property and the property’s value.

property tax

Here at Lexington Appraisals, we strive to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property so you can be assured you are only paying your fair share of property tax.